The Boston Globe
Gil Shahm Plays Bach with Video Accompaniment
1 Nov 2015
The most radical aspect of Shaham’s live performances is his decision to play the Bach with the “accompaniment” of films by the New York-based artist David Michalek, whom the violinist met at the Zankel Hall premiere of a piece by Du Yun. This forward-thinking idea arose from the two artists ruminating on Bach’s audience for these pieces. That audience, Shaham explained, would have understood intuitively a network of social meanings and religious signifiers encoded in Bach’s dance suites and sonata movements.
The Montreal Gazette
Bach to the Future
4 Oct 2015
To produce them, Michalek shot models and dancers at high speed. Slowed down, this footage turns a single ballet leap, the shimmering drapery of a twisting skirt, or a falling vase of flowers, into a vibrantly detailed and subtly changing painting of a motion that lasts as long as a single movement of the music. Michalek even re-created late renaissance memento mori still lifes.